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The Vanilla World View



One of the questions human beings have asked most often throughout history is, "Does God exist?" Whether Allah or Jehovah, the supremely powerful being we fear and pay homage to is naturally bound to be the subject of much meditation.

St. Thomas Aquinas postulated that God exists because He is the First Cause. After all, someone had to put the wheels of time and humanity into motion. His writings and proofs are thorough and voluminous; the Summa Theologica itself is a massive, scholarly, awe-inspiring piece of work. For my part I don't dare try to equal St. Thomas' prodigious accomplishment. What I wish to do, however, is approach the existence of God from an entirely new angle.

There is positive energy, and there is negative energy, with no in-between. There is no neutral energy, only the absence of energy.

Positive energy in sufficient concentrations may be called Good; negative energy in sufficient concentrations may be called Evil. Concentrated energy in human beings can be seen as spiritual energy, and is often referred to as the Life Force, for certain types of energy in sufficient concentrations manifest an intelligence or purpose.

The apex or culmination (perhaps even origin) of concentrated spiritual Good energy is God; the nadir or culmination of concentrated spiritual Evil energy is Satan, the Devil. These types of energy are to be found everywhere; it is therefore true that God is omniscient and omnipotent, for He is everywhere. It is also true that the energies of Evil are everywhere and can be equally powerful.

We humans, being capable of manifesting either Good or Evil energy, are actually quite capable of ensuring that the powers of Good triumph over Evil..but the struggle between Good and Evil is a massive, long-lasting, all-encompassing War of epic proportions nonetheless. For most of us are filled with generous amounts of both types of energy, and are therefore constantly at war with ourselves, the outcome being either "salvation" or "damnation".

There you have it. Rather than spend the rest of my life writing thousand-page volumes to support and prove each of the above statements, I prefer to simply present them to you, a gift nugget of gold, perhaps a gift of dynamite as well. No, God is not simply a brainless force drifting out there in the Cosmos.God is a powerful, unbelievably powerful, intelligent force that must be reckoned with. The mission of every church is to align its members with God, with the Good force, to ensure that the Evil force does not triumph over Mankind and, by extension, the planet as well.

We all have a lot of work to do.

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