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The Vanilla World View

The Vanilla World View: Second Edition is now available at http://www.ebookad.com. Here is the Table Of Contents: Contents: 1. Pre-flight instructions 2. The Breakthrough 3. Meditation: Where is Humanity Heading? 4. Thesis Antithesis Synthesis 5. Why We're Afraid of Death 6. Energy 7. Weather 8. History 9. The Messiah Complex 10. Armageddon 11. The Rockets' Red Glare 12. Competition 13. Peace 14. Vegetation Elation 15. Success 16. Chance 17. School Days 18. Healing 19. Reiki 20. Becoming Invincible 21. Power 22. The Pro-Active Power Method: The Secret To Good Health And Longer Life 23. Sexuality 24. Fatigue 25. Suffering 26. Humility 27. Evil 28. Crime and Punishment 29. The Justice Paradox 30. Rage and its Consequences 31. Magick 32. Auras 33. Ghosts 34. Haunted Places 35. Cities of the Dead 36. The Internal Cinema 37. The Dreamer 38. Take This Job And… 39. Marriage 40. Children 41. The Real Feng Shui 42. Storytelling 43. Leadership 44. Music and Dance 45. The Turkish Mandolin 46. Love 47. Men (and Women) of the Cloth 48. Enlightenment 49. The Eighth Deadly Sin 50. Creation 51. The Location of Hell 52. Life After Death 53. Predestination 54. Reincarnation Simplified 55. God 56. At the Water's Edge 57. The Next World Order 58. Conclusion: There Is No Conclusion 59. Epilogue: How Dare You… 60. The Vanilla Guide to Love (Including "All's Fair In Love: Ten Reasons Why Relationships Fail")

This second edition is twice the length of the first edition, and contains "The Pro-Active Power Method", a special guide to staying healthy that will show you how to enjoy a longer life, shield yourself from illness, and heal yourself should you fall ill. You will learn the two secrets to a more healthy life: the Doctors' Secret, employed both in hospitals and clinics, and the Pro-Active Power Method.



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