How often have you found yourself complaining about the weather? Fickle, isn't it? One day it may be sunny and warm with a soft breeze; the next day it may suddenly turn chilly, with rain and high winds. Bad weather rightly concerns us: we can get sick, we often become angry or irritable, we sometimes even feel that something terrible is about to happen. It's almost as if the weather itself can help manifest positive or negative energy simply due to the fact that it provokes responses and reactions in us.

Do you remember a day when the weather seemed to play a part in making something wonderful happen? Perhaps you went outside, you felt almost exalted by the warmth on your skin, the gentle breeze in your hairand perhaps that was the day you met someone special, that was the day you really fell in Love.

Or how about a day when you stayed inside cursing the sleet outside? Perhaps you decided to warm something up on the stove, you became distracted thinking about an argument you had with your spouse the night before, and then before you knew it you burned yourself trying to take that pot off the burner because the water was boiling over. And perhaps you got a call from the office, a call from a co-worker who just made a costly mistake, a mistake that you would have to fix the next time you went to work. Then perhaps you checked the mail, only to find that the electric bill was three times what you had set aside in the budget to pay it. You probably fumed, shook your head, paced back and forth, exchanged sharp words with your daughter who seemed to be getting in the way.

Does any of this sound familiar? Oh, you prefer to hear more about that good day you had..

Yes, that day when you went for a long walk with this new-found friend, when you also ran into someone you hadn't seen in over a year, when you found a twenty-dollar bill in the grass, when you just happened to call to check your bank balance and found that you had a lot more money than you thought. You really were inspired that day, making plans and coming up with all kinds of creative ideas about your next project. In fact, you felt that if you had to go out on a limb....well, with a day like that, you would be bound to succeed.

Funny how weather is!

But is it just the weather? Are you sure there isn't something more involved? How can one day be so terrible that if you walked blindfolded into the middle of a highway you would be struck and killed immediately, and yet another day be so wonderful that you could walk blindfolded down the middle of a highway and you wouldn't even get a scratch?

Well, that's the weather too, but it's a type of weather that you don't see.

You see, just like the weather, which is basically masses of hot and cold air moving across the face of the earth, there are also masses of positive and negative energy moving across the face of the earth. These masses of energy often clump and group in positive-energy fronts or negative-energy fronts, just as the weather so often features warm and cold fronts. But these energy fronts really do influence human events. And though there may be some correlation between good weather and positive energy, these "fronts" of energy are part of a very distinct global system and need not be tied to any visible weather phenomena.

J.G. Bennett, in his powerfully spiritual autobiography Witness, refers to the years during and just after World War II as a time when "storms of wickedness were sweeping over the Earth" (p. 210). I am not surprised at all by this statement.

Maybe you can call this type of weather "spiritual" weather. Think about it.